Foodgasm Guide San Francisco

San Francisco Foodgasm

San Francisco is an incredible city. It’s no surprise that this LGBT friendly, birthplace of Burning Man and the Hippie Movement has given way to a quirky, free-spirited and creative foodrotic paradise. Whatever you fancy San Francisco has something to get you off! From the explicit cookies at Hot Cookie to the mouthwatering roast chicken for two at Zuni this city knows how to tease the tastebuds and turn up the heat. The biggest problem you’ll face is knowing where to go. The Foodgasm Guide to San Francisco is your foodgasm guru, pointing you in the right direction whatever your fetishes may be. So whether you like it hot, fast, sweet, soft or anything in between the Foodgasm Guide to San Francisco has you covered. We’ve broken down the city by the bay so you can find the perfect place for any occasion. Whether getting it on with a group, settling in for a romantic evening out or looking to get down and dirty. (Don’t see what you’re looking for? Requests are encouraged)

Quickies only have a moment, no need to sacrifice your foodgasm cause you’re strapped for time, these places will have you feeling satisfied “lick”ity split.

Lubrication- because it makes things better. These bars, watering holes and classy cocktail joints will get you soaked in no time.

Orgies- have a few others along for the ride? Whether you’re 3 or 30 these places are sure to show everyone a good time.

All Nighters- the best places to go for a romantic evening out. Take that special someone to anyone of these spots and world-rocking will ensue.

Afternoon Delights- Nothing like a mid-day tryst to brighten up your day. Try these local favorites for a tantalizing lunch or coffee break.

Wake Up Calls- Waking up never felt so good! These breakfast/brunch spots will have you rising to the occasion.

Happy Endings Some might say finishing is the most important part. These sweet treats never dissapoint.

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