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Relieve your Tension- Exploring Borough Market


Coming to London I was worried about becoming deprived. I’d heard the horror stories about the food in the UK and I thought it was going to be a year of being entirely responsible for my own foodgasms. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I revel in my ability to be in control of my own foodgasm and be able to make others “mmm” and “oooo”, but still there is something satisfying about knowing you can sit back and have someone else bring you over the edge with a single bite.

At first I had a difficult time getting off to the food scene in London. I searched high and low, peeking into every nook and cranny feeling for that spot. That spot that would be mine that I knew I would be able to rely on for food ecstasy. And then there it was, it had been there all along I’d been right on the edge of it the whole time, Borough Market. Right in the middle of my tube ride between home and school lied a cornucopia of epicurean goodness. The fact that it had been hiding in plain site made it that much more alluring. Borough Market has something for everybody, whatever may tickle your fancy! If you’re into exotic, juicy, spicy, Spanish, au natural or simple interested in trying something new Borough is the place for you! The vendors at Borough know their stuff and are happy to take it slowly so you can take it all in.

The market is overflowing with people on the weekends, but stop by on a Thursday afternoon and you can get a hands on lesson for the perfect way to carve Iberico ham and the different temperatures olives are pressed at.  There are tantalizing things around every corner from goat cheese ice cream to mouthwatering grilled cheese, and kangaroo burgers. Any foodie will succumb to complete foodgasm overload in a place like this. The trick is to take it slow, don’t try to master the market all at once, let it come to you, luring you in delicacy by delicacy. The more comfortable you feel with the market the better your foodgasm will be.

So skeptics rest assured, while London’s food scene may not have the same allure as Paris or Florence there are secret treats hiding all around the city, you just have to be willing to put in the effort. Wade through the overwhelming chains all offering the same mayonnaise filled sandwich and find your foodgasm, it will be worth it. In the meantime if you need to relieve your tension in a hurry Borough Market is a full proof way to get your foodgasm fix.

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